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build-label="UNKNOWN" and status="Unknown" in generated report.xml

May 29, 2008 at 4:37 PM
I am using the CCStatistics 1.3.2822.22029. There are two problems that I'm seeing with the generated report.xml:
1) the "status" attributes (/statistics/integration/@status) for all the integration nodes are "Unknown". For example:
<integration build-label="UNKNOWN" status="Unknown" day="2" month="May" year="2008">
This causes the some of the javascript charting on the web dashboard to not work (Historic Build Graphs).

2) When there are multiple builds one same day, resulting in the same build-label number, the generated report.xml makes all but one of the build-labels "UNKNOWN" (also seen in the above example).

Has anyone else encountered this?

Thanks, Ben